Scorpions San Tan Valley AZ

The Ultimate in Scorpion Protection

Ozone offers a comprehensive Scorpion exclusion program - we call it the Scorpion Seal Program.

scorpion seal san tan valley az

Step 1

It all starts when we we conduct a comprehensive, thorough inspection to find all areas where they can possibly be entering your home and property.

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Step 2

We then seal off all areas with silicone, caulking steel wool, etc. that is larger than 1/16” big or bigger. This includes but is not limited to the joints of the block wall outside, the weep screed at the bottom of the stucco, the awnings, over hangs, plumbing entrances, ventilation entrances, door ways, etc.

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Step 3

We spray the interior baseboards with a product that is labeled for Scorpion control, including behind stoves, and refrigerators. Finally we do the same with an exterior treatment.