Scorpion Pest Control MesaAZ

Ozone Offers After Hour Scorpion Black Light Services

Controlling scorpions can be a difficult task at times, a task that many homeowners cant take on by themselves. That is why we offer night time Black Light services that start when Scorpions are the most active...Sundown.REQUEST A FREE ESTIMATE TODAY

Attacking The Source

Chemicals are great way of controlling Scorpions, but sometimes need to be paired with another means of control to really knock down the scorpion population. Our Black Light service not only allows us to come out to your property and hunt the Scorpions at their most active hours but gives us a much greater insight to the size of the Scorpion population, problem areas on the property, areas of regular entry into the home and sources of shelter for said Scorpions. Scorpion Black Light services are an excellent way to provide greater control for your scorpion issue and better inform our Technicians on areas around the property that need greater attention during regular service. Give us a call today!