Pigeon Control San Tan Valley 5


Pigeon Control Solutions by Ozone

Step 1

We inspect your property. Each and every Pigeon job is unique and different - we take the time to evaluate your unique situation. We determine the best way to prevent them from landing and or roosting. We make our plan, and put it into action.

Step 2

We clean all pigeon nests on the home

Step 3

We Install posts and bases to hold the wiring system in place. They are spaced every 5 feet apart on the areas determined before hand with the customer. The next step will be done on the next day, as the adhesive needs to dry before tensioning a wire on it.

Step 4

We attach all wiring and springs to the posts, making sure the wire is tense.(including areas that require bird spikes). The bird spike is attached using an exterior adhesive. We also screen off all nesting areas by using chicken wire. We staple this to the eave or area in question.