Pest Control Campo Bonito : How To Manage Scorpion Problems

Pest Control Campo Bonito AZ: How To Manage Scorpion Problems

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Scorpion Control Campo Bonito AZ

Pests live in just about every place where human beings have moved in on the natural fauna and flora existing in the area. Some of these pests are harmless irritations while others present hazards and can be downright dangerous.


Pest Control Campo Bonito AZ

Scorpion problems in Campo Bonito AZ are one of the more serious threats and the management and control of these pests should be taken seriously. The Bark Scorpion, Striped Tail Scorpion and the Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion are the most common in the area and can deliver a painful sting  to adults, children, the elderly and the sick, especially harmful if an allergic reaction occurs.


Some steps that every home and business should be taking include:


1. Sealing Your Structure

Scorpions are nocturnal and are therefore more active at night and seek to take cover during the daylight hours. They are generally small and find it easy to squeeze into cracks and under doors to enter your home. Although the Scorpion population does pose a hazard out of doors, it is when they invade a home that they become most problematic. Sealing up your home by closing up cracks and using methods to close up other openings such as under doors is the ideal method to keep scorpions outside where they belong. It is highly recommended to call in a professional pest control specialist in the area to help identify places that need to be sealed up and employ different sealing techniques in order to effectively prevent scorpions from entering a home or business premises.


2. Remove Clutter and Debris

As mentioned above, scorpions seek shelter during the day, normally under rocks. Remove any likely hiding places on the property in order to minimize the scorpion population around the home. This will provide a measure of protection while you are outdoors as well as reduce the risk of scorpions entering your home. Wood and rock piles are the most common hiding places for scorpions. A pest control specialist should be called to assist with the removal of debris around the house to minimize the risk of being stung by scorpions that may already be hiding in these areas.


3.  Application of Residual Pesticides

Scorpions are arachnids and like most of these types of species are very hard to control with insecticides and pesticides. However, these materials can be used to rid your home or premises of insects that might be a food source and therefore be attracting scorpions. Controlling the insect population can go a long way towards deterring scorpions from entering a Campo Bonito property or structure.


4. Clothing

It is highly recommended to wear shoes at all times while outdoors. Scorpions are often blend in and difficult to see especially at night. Stings are often as a result of standing on a scorpion. It is also advisable to wear shoes indoors if your home has not been sufficiently sealed.


For more info on steps you can take to minimize scorpion problems in Campo Bonito and get the assistance you need, it is highly recommended to call in a professional pest management company. You can reach Ozone Pest Control at the information and links below:


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